Show me the money

After announcing my intention to ride across London again, it seems I had better also let you know that I talked myself into a couple of longer rides too. The London to Cambridge is 50miles long whilst the Essex Countryside Ride is a little longer at 58miles. Just to avoid confusion, I’ve sorted them in various orders below:


  1. Thames Bridges (11th May)
  2. Essex Countryside Ride (12th July)
  3. London to Cambridge (27th July)

Distance (Longest first)

  1. Essex Countryside Ride (58miles)
  2. London to Cambridge (50miles)
  3. Thames Bridges (33miles)

Alphabetically by Charity

  1. London to Cambridge (Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research)
  2. Essex Countryside Ride (Little Havens Children’s Hospice)
  3. Thames Bridges (Stroke Association)

Please sponsor me once for one of these. I promise these are the only charity rides I’m doing this year.

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