Busy few days

William had his first Holy Communion on Sunday. We have been preparing the house for the influx of visitors afterwards but more importantly, preparing William over many weeks for the important day. As William has Asperger’s Syndrome, any major event is a bit of a gamble. Luckily there was a rehearsal but unfortunately the flowers in the church irritated his eyes and he was not able to concentrate. The other parents have been very supportive and we knew that if all else failed, they would understand. All our fears were for naught though when William behaved wondefully and did everything he should have done without fuss or anxiety. He hid himself away for a little bit afterwards but eventually came out to enjoy his party.

The strong wind had made a good attempt at popping all the balloons but the company was good, there was beer, wine, conversation and music (รก la softsqueeze). A well deserved celebration for a very good little boy.

William and Daniel ready for the Communion Service

The Monday saw me hit the grand old age of 36. So I am now officially old. Expect this blog to be full of “not as good as it used to be”, “kids today..” and “when I was a boy..” from now on. I am now the proud owner of a shiny new maintenance stand, the second part of the “Rome” serial, money, book tokens, some lovely hand-produced cards thanks to my boys and some plasters with pictures of Jesus on them. The giant Toblerone will be gone over the next month or so.

I will use the next “dress-down” day in Cambridge to show off my “na na na na na na batman” t-shirt to much acclaim.

As I took this week off for my birthday and to cover some events for Julie, I managed to get some riding time in today. I altered my usual route to get a decent 30miles in with a good mix of short climbs and descents to keep my legs working. I’ve mapped it out here.

Because of the detours, I got to see just how big the local reservoir is and that we have another local windmill, this time in the village of Stock.

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