Another DVD Ripping Tool

As regulare readers will know, I rip my DVDs to my trusty Thecus NAS and watch them in the living room via Vista Media Centre and a plug-in called “MyMovies”. Well, I recently hit a snag.

The Dark Knight defeated all attempts at being ripped.

After a bit of research, I found a tool called “AnyDVD”. This tool sits between the DVD driver and other applications and fixes duff sectors and in this case, broken VOBs. Leaving a region-free, valid DVD image for the ripping tool of choice to work from. I use RipIt4Me and DVDecrypter.

I do not in any way condone DVD piracy. Howver, being able to watch the film you own in a variety of formats at home is fine in my view. MY DVD is safely on the shelf. The Dark Knight is available with a few button presses of the remote. No trawling through the DVD menu – just play the movie with the best audio track pre-selected. No DVD noise when playing. No fumbling to get the disc out. No risk of scratches. Perfect.

Get your own copy of AnyDVD here.