Serving up virtuals ?

So I have me ESX server and a nice shiny Ubuntu VM but really need to shift my current XP “server” onto it too. VMWare Converter fails trying to copy the volue after about half an hour. I’m just going to build me a new one.

I hate the fact that XP doesn’t have the SCSI drivers I need so I decided to slipstream:

1.) copy XP CD_ROM to a folder

2.) Use MagicISO or ISO Buster to extract the bootable section (Microsoft Corporation.img)

3.) Download SP3 (WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe)

4.) Download nLite

5.) Download the VMWare Buslogic FLP

6.) USe MagcISO to extract the FLP into a folder

7.) Run nLite to slipstream SP3 and the drivers into the XP folder

8.) Use Nero to burn a new bootable ISO image

Note: Nero Settings are quite particular and the “Expert Settings” seem to drop off the radar so make sure you check the tick-box is ticked very last thing before clicking BURN.If it unticks it self you will get “cannot boot from cd code 4” when you try and boot the disk.

Settings available here (

Quite a bit of fiddling around but worth it to get a one-shot, unattended XP installer. (Insert manic laughter here)

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