SIP Gate – Calling 0800 on your Nokia or Cisco 7940…

I bought a Cisco 7940. Why?

Well it was cheap on eBay and I found myself struggling to hear somebody I was troubleshooting for on our DECT phone again the other day. I know from first-hand experience (at work) that the 7940 has excellent speakerphone capability so it works for me.

I still have a mini Asterix server floating about that needs some love but I’m lazy so I’ve signed-up to a SIPGate account. Local number, cheap calls and I should work…

Hang on though, my Nokia N95 supports SIP. Can I get it working with that too? Oh Yes.

That was easy. Just need to get to grips with TFTP again. Luckily, It seems this chap has done it before and left a wonderfully well written recipe.

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