iPhones & Google Calendars

I just bought an iphone 3GS 16GB. I’ve lived with my Nokia N95 for a while now and it is very tired. It doesn’t slide open properly and I’ve been getting increasingly annoyed with the poor browser and other apps.

The iphone on the other hand gives me a decent browser, VNC, Linkedin, Facebook, SSH, Telnet, Logmein etc etc. It also has decent mapping.

The Calendar support is OK but I wanted to bring my work and home calendars together on one device. Google came to the rescue. Have a look at http://m.google.com and load up your calendar. Sync it using the settings page at http://m.google.com/sync and you can run multiple calendars.

Google Sync allows me to rip appointments from my work Outlook account to Google. This ensure I don’t double-book myself. I’ve set it read-only for work appointments because I already have Blackberry and Outlook running that and I should not be editing work appointments on a weekend……

Googlesync does on occasion decide to ignore outlook appointments. Instead I went for gSyncit which just works and gets everything over. It is also a lot more configurable.

I am now considering if it still makes sense for me to run my own mail server. Googlemail is tempting. It would however mean me throwing all my historic mail at their servers and trusting them to not trawl my archive or lose it all. Decisions, decisions.

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