Shifting to Googlemail

I run my own mailserver and Store-and-Forward server. But getting an iphone means the pain of getting IMAP working or worse still, using POPand having a split-brain email with the iphone and desktop is just getting old.

So I’ll dump everything into Googlemail. But…..

I use a load of aliases for incoming mail on my trusty Mercury server. I’m going to need to redo all my alias entries in Mercury to point to my Googlemail account. The mail server will be running a bit longer.

I may just retire Mercury if I can remember how postfix aliases or virtual alias domains work. Postfix runs on the S&F box. If I write my aliases out there, it can route my mail for me. It will basically be an MX placeholder and hold no actually mailboxes. Mmmm

Mercury is GUI. It is stable but needs Windows. I’m tempted to see if there is a hosted alternative or a postfix aliases gui…..

Uploading mail to Gmail via IMAP just keeps failing. There is a useful tool called GML which just might make this work for me. First though I need to run Thunderbird and add a plug-in to put my mail into an MBox file…..

But in the end I have dropped all my mail into Thunderbird, created an IMAP account and am shifting messages in blocks of 20. That actually works….