Moving Dawn of War to a new Computer

If you’ve moved Dawn of War II and your saved games are not appearing, it is because your “Games for Windows” or “XLive” profile needs to be copied as well.

1. On your old computer, copy the contents of c:\user\xxx\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Xlive to a USB stick or similar. Also get a copy of xxx\Documents\My Games\Dawn of War 2\Saved Games

2. On the new computer, Start DoW2 and login under the same profile. If it was online on the old computer, just login. If it was offline on the old computer, create a new offline profile with the same name.

3. Exit DoW2

4. Delete the contents of the XLive folder on the new computer and replace it with the stuff on the USB stick.

5. Copy your saved games from the USB stick into the folder on the new computer

6. Start DoW2 and enjoy!

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  1. So this is why when I fired up DOW II the other day my campaign was missing 😉 Easier solution just start it again 😉

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