O2 Broadband and SIPGate

Got the new shiny O2 BRoadband box working. I opted for a static IP address.

Shame the Thomson TG587nv2 doesn’t allow Administrator to telnet in AND that user, being the default one only has limited rights. But I still kind of got SIPgate working:

Toolbox – Firewall
Assign a game or app…..
Create a “new game or application” called SIP:
5060-5060 Any
16384-32766 (or whatever your start and finish data ports are in your phone config)

Apply this to your phone:
SIP 10.x.x.x. Apply

Then my phone registers with SIPgate on port 50981 for reasons I am yet to fathom. But it all still works. Bit odd though.


Annoyingly also, it insist on the DHCP pool being rather than the 10.x.x.x range I use. It happily takes a second IP address though. Currenly my static devoces are on 10.x.x.x and anything new goes on 192.168.x.x  which works but is pants.