Land Rover Jobs


Having a bit of a think about the Land Rover and totting-up all the jobs that need doing…

  • Remove and spray the light surrounds and radiator grille
  • Change the filters and oil
  • Remove the rusted screws holding the top of the offside underwing pod
  • Replace the bottom strut on all four doors
  • Find out why left-turn indicators go double-speed
  • Sort the creak in the steering when dry steering left
  • Fit a panel to the inside rear door
  • fix the heater fan control
  • tighten the throttle cable
  • various bits of body rust
  • change the rubber seal on drivers-site windscreen attachment
  • Remove, weld and respray bull bars
  • Remove, strip and repaint ladder
  • Replace battery with potentially two in parallel or split-charge
  • Win-top chequer plate
  • Weld hole in rear cross-member
  • Sound-proofing
  • Left rear door lock a bit stiff
  • Tidy rust on rear loading
  • Decide if happy with gear box being a but vague and the occasional grind changing down to second
  • Decide if replacing rubber door seals
  • Find some way to fix all the loose tools etc. floating around in the boot to something solid
  • Fit a new radio with CD player
  • Decide best way to fix pirate flag pole
  • Steering guards and diff-guards for potential green-laning etc.

Everything else can wait…..