Getting Movies onto the Nokia N95

I thought it was about time I got some movies onto my Nokia N95. So what I need is something that can take a DVD, squish it down and output a suitable movie file. The tool of choice is a bit of software called Handbrake

It is basically a command-line video encoder with a simple GUI front-end for building the command. I’ve tried a few settings and got the following to work:

Encoder = MP4
Audio = AAC
Width = 320
Height = Blank (For 16:9 it will be about 150. For 4:3 it will be 240)

Average Bit Rate = 500  (For smaller files, 200)
Frame Rate = Auto
Audio Bit-rate 128 Sampling 44.1

For a full widescreen image, a height of 150 can look a bit wasteful of screen estate. Setting 320×180 will fit better but crop & squeeze the image slightly. A better option is to tick the Loose Anamorphic box if the film is widescreen and leave the height box empty.

You can squeeze a DVD down to 300-750MB depending on how low you set the ABR(Quality). Which is pretty good if only you could get some more storage into the Nokia. How about the new 6GB microSD card then ?