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Mulling over the fact that I once again did a reasonable length ride (60-odd miles) with no companion that knew me made me think again about the Road ID site. Road ID is quite simply a tag with contact details that you can carry with you. If you have an accident and lose conciousness, the emergency services can contact your family and let them know which hospital is looking after you – and get them to come collect the bike!

As I have a son with Asperger Syndrome, we have used a similar system to ensure that when he wanders off – and he does, we know he has our contact details on his wrist. Occasionally though, he resists the bright yellow “bangle” and we just have to play nervous parents whilst we are out with him. In some cases this mens literally keeping a hold of him even though he is eight years old and longs to run around.

Road ID solves this problem too. The Wrist ID that I went for is comfortable for him to wear and he thinks it is kind of funky. Now try and get him to take it off! If you have small children that tend to wander, get them a Road ID. They’ll love it. I got the wife one as well so she didn’t feel left out.

Original Road ID Wrist tag

I’ve signed-up to be an affiliate for this great product so expect to see some links around the site. Otherwise, just click here.

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