Finally Getting into the Christmas Spirit

We finally have the decorations up and the tree is lit-up. I also managed this week to get the Vista Media Centre configured and unplugged the DVD player. The PC does a better job. I just never got around to persuading the household to convert. In the end, I just switched it over and it is pretty much doing a good job. Need to tweak the DVD player to spin slower/more quietly and a bit of acoustic baffling would be good too. The fan noise is not noticeable really but I feel I can do better. One interesting fact to share with my reader is that the Australian Media Centre forums are the most useful of the lot.

The other bit of news is that we invested in about 40 new tropical fish as the local fish shop is closing down. We have neons, guppies, tetras and a new catfish to replace our recently deceased one. The are all behaving nicely together and none of the three large fish have turned carnivorous either. We had one scary moment as the blue shimmery tailed guppies disappeared one by one. Turned out they loved swimming behind the fauz-rock backing. We have lowered the water level a little to solve that one….

For the picture album, I thought Kookichoo had better get festive too.