Son of Huck!

After having my Defender 110 stolen and the insurance paying out what I paid for it, I realised I really should have updated my policy as the value of 200Tdi Defenders started to rise. So with £5,500 in my pocket and some savings in hand, I upgraded to a TD5 but downgraded to a shorter wheelbase.

It has a little bit of “Kangarooing” under high revs, no anti-rollbars, suspension needs a revamp, middle jump seat instead of a cubbybox, chassi is looking like it might need renewing inside three-five years, the wrong bonnet (but I’ll keep that), a leaking steering box (but Huck did too), winch bumper but no winch, only a single battery, pathetic headlights.. etc.. etc..

Should keep me amused for a while.