Raptor Engineering Defender Binnacle Mount

Raptor Engineering make some nice stuff for Land Rovers, most notably the centre dashboard consoles for older models. They also make a metal replacement for the dashboard instrument panel. However, bolting a metal instrument panel onto a plastic frame is a little daft, so you will want a metal one of those too.

There are countless videos showing you how to take the panel off and swap the dials over, but none really tackle the mount itself. I had a bit of free time on Saturday so thought I’d finally get around to doing mine and showing how easy it is.

You don’t need to dismantle the whole dash or take off the steering wheel!

This is why I wanted to change mine

A previous owner had decided to use some kind of black putty (Sugru?) to hold a very broken instrument panel together. It looks awful and doesn’t actually work.

If your instrument panel is screwed on, unscrew it. Mine was falling off anyway.

You can unplug the instruments and take the panel away, especially if you are going to swap to the metal version. I wasn’t doing that today so opted to swing the panel away and support it using a bungee cord.


There are four or five bolts and washers holding the top of the frame to the dashboard. Undo all of them except the one at the back left.

Leave this one alone for now

The “heating” controls on either side are held on with machine screws. Undo the two holding the left side on. You may have one to undo on the right-hand control unit, but you won’t need to undo it completely.

If your frame is still secured to the bottom strut, undo on both sides.

Now refresh your tea or whatever. If you need the loo, go now. If hungry, grab a sandwich.

Once refreshed, tackle that last both on the back left. You’ll need a spanner with an internal ratchet as there is limited clearance due to the vent pipe. Just get into as comfortable a position as you can and get to work.

And it’s free!

Not the panel is free, just slide it out and put the metal one on. Put one bolt in to hold it in position and get that annoying back left bolt done first. Once you’ve done that, the rest is easy. Be careful no cables are caught and check your car starts and all the dash lights work before screwing it all tight.

Can you see now why my instruments rattled so much?