Blue Ray or HD ? Worry no more!

You just have to love LG. For those of us without an Xbox360 or PlayStation, the HD format wars are a pure spectator sport. But now thanks to those electronics wizards we can get involved in a very grown-up way.

Introducing the LG GGW-H20L.

LG Blue-Ray and HD DVD

Not a very catchy name I know but what it does is awesome. Want to play a Blue-Ray movie ? Yep. Want to play an HD-DVD movie ? Yep. Want to record to a dual-layer Blue-Ray disk ? Yep. Want to record to any DVD or CD format ? Uhuh. Yep. I bet it doesn’t do lightscribe. It does. In fact this would be the ideal drive to stick in a living-room Media Centre PC.

Assuming your PC has a decent DVD-player application, the world of high-definition just became easier to reach. Sure the drive currently costs just under £200 but give it a few months….

Don’t say I never tell you anything.