Happy New Year – Rip your DVDs

Well after writing about my Christmas wish-list it seems pertinent to give any fellow Nokia N95 owners out there a little present. For those who have got hold of a copy of Handbrake and used the settings I previously suggested I really should have let you in on a little secret.  You can’t just drop your legally-owned DVD in the drive and handbrake it over to the Nokia as it is copy-protected.

I was lucky enough to get (amongst other things) a new 6GB memory card for the Nokia and Die Hard 4.0 on DVD. Well, the next step was obvious.  Ripping the DVD first requires getting the content onto the Hard Disk in a format that HandBrake can deal with. So if you legally own a movie on DVD and want to get it onto your Nokia, you need this Useful DVD tool.  When you install it, decline any new updates. The reason behind that advice is probably best found on Wikipedia.

Once you have your folder, run Handbrake and create your MP4 file. Copy to your memory card and your commute just got a lot more enjoyable.  You can even rip those music videos you have on those Special Edition CDs in your music collection and have your own version of MTV rather than have to look at your fellow passengers whilst listening to your MP3 collection.

Happy New Year.